The 33 Strategies Of War - Robert Greene

A book delightfully tailored for sociopathic power-hungry egomaniacs. CEOs, high ranking managers and other politician-like creatures who will revel in the comparisons and nit-picked historical short stories that Mr Greene quotes.

However, to the Scientific Reader®—a creature devoid of the troubles of unclear thinking—the vast compilation of ad verecundiam arguments and the pacing and unclear (and often contradictory) resolutions and conclusions of these strategies, makes for a rather skeptical read.

This book makes great use of a single tactic in warfare, the one where you douse your enemies in smoke, to make a retreat from delivering. It's a long book with some interesting anecdotes here and there; but more of a compendium with an evil cover, than anything else.

tl;dr copy-pasted egomaniacal power-trip historical fantasy